The Broken DeFi Hypecycle

In this series I propose we are a year into a 5 year long ‘DeFi Hype Cycle’, likely made up of several mini-cycles, where the aggregate effect is a quadrupling of today’s combined market cap and a doubling of the 2017 $600bn highs based on a sustained ‘mainstreaming’ of the industry.

In fact, it’s not impossible we hit that in the next 24 months alone should a few things fall into place. So now I’ve got your attention let me explain how across three posts. This is post (1/3)

The power of DeFi

Anatomy of a Hype Cycle vs a Broken Cycle

What’s required for a DeFi Hype Cycle Proper?

Next in series:

CEO at an accelerator dedicated to theOpen Metaverse