The 100x Founder

Jamie Burke
1 min readMar 17, 2023

New seed thought 🌱~ Being a Web Founder is getting exponentially easier.

Advances in cloud infrastructure, frontend frameworks like React and Next.js, infrastructure-as-code and no-code tooling, began this trend, alongside the development of permissionless and composable, open source web3 technology.

However, the recent explosion in generative AI means launching a Web App or media startup an got order of magnitude easier from;

conducting market research to spinning up pitch decks, mobile or web apps (both front end and increasingly backend), through to combining smart contract primitives to build complex financial services.

So much so we believe this year ’23 will see the birth of a billion dollar unicorn based on the efforts of a solo founder, with no venture capital or even staff.

We believe it’s this trend, lets call ‘The 100x Founder’, will be similar to what Moore’s Law was to computing, and will drive the next two decades of economic growth in the Metaverse.

In our world this reinvents what an accelerator is, and more generally the role of venture capital in early stage startups.

On the surface it also potentially means a lot fewer employees but potentially greater wealth concentration, albeit in a new type of founder class.