From Post Truth to Post Reality

Jamie Burke
1 min readFeb 28, 2023

The objectivity of ‘truth’ is still an open philosophical question.

Web2 despite its benefits ultimately led to ‘fake news’; both as a reality, and a defence against it.

Deep fakes, the commercialisation (and weaponization) of our ‘reality filter’ goes further.

Not just how can we trust who (or what) we are interacting with but how can we trust the reality they are presenting?

Big Tech AI has advanced and is now ‘open sourced’; increasingly accessible and popularized, where the unarmed user is exponentially vulnerable..

especially those still developing a sense of self, reality and objectivity.

We are no longer talking about the truth but instead reality itself.

Does ‘reality’ even matter when we have affordable digital acid and can be whoever we want, wherever we want?

Today corporations get to decide what is ‘safe’, and who can and can not use their technology, for what purpose.

Ultimately this means benefits will be unequally distributed.

ChatGPT is the fastest growing web app ever, which shows the scale and speed of the problem.

How can I even prove I, a (particular) human being wrote this?

We need a trust machine for The Web… and fast ;)